Pastry Class in Paris

For most people, learning traditional food recipes in France is a dream come true. Paris is the top culinary capital in the world. There are vast opportunities and plenty of French cooking courses to learn, but remember to book early to avoid disappointment. If you are only traveling, taking Pastry Class in Paris, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Here are some great short courses that you can take this holiday.

  • 16-Day Culinary Tour

This is an excellent course offered by Le Calabash. It is appropriately organised. Each day you will visit major cookery locations across Paris. On Monday, for instance, you will visit a dairy farm, a family domain, and finally a Traditional French Restaurant. You will also learn major recipes for traditional foods in Paris.

  • A 7-Day Course in Brittany

Pastry Class in Paris

If you are looking for a way to improve your cooking skills, Brittany is the place to be. It is an opportunity to learn from a Michelin trained Chef, Poul. His cookery is located in a calm area at the Manor house in the surrounding pastoral village. There are nine cooking classes in the course with exclusive night accommodation, guides on places to visit, and you will also get a professional cooking certificate.

  • A 4-Day Course in Gascony

The four-day course is located in a serene village in Gramont. Here, you will learn different cooking recipes with some stimulating dishes and desserts. You will also be trained some cool knife skills, fish filleting, Cassoulet, and even how to prepare sauces.

  • A Training Course with the Foodist in Paris

The Foodist training course is located in Paris near Champs Elysee. You will get acquainted with Super-chef cooking skills. Lessons are learnt in the ground floor and the kitchen. However, for those who are busy, there are patisserie classes, where the students can learn from home.